Happy Diwali

Ugadi is also known as the new year of the Tamils, the populated caste in Andhra Pradesh. The one who resides in the northern side of Vindhya Hills celebrates this day as Barhaspatyamana and the one residing in the southern side celebrates this day as Chandramana or Sauramana.

It is said that the creator of this universe Lord Brahma had started his creation on this day known as Chaitra Suddha Padhyami also known as Ugadi Day. This theory is also supported by the renowned Indian Mathematician Bhaskaracharya with his calculation as Ugadi to be the beginning of new month, new day and New Year. As also, the spring season marks the beginning of new leaves, shoots and plants. The vibrancy of verdant fields and life, lands full of colorful flowers and green grasses marks well being and prosperity.

As the Ugadi arrives, the sweet and mild fragrance of Jasmine is spread. Big garlands of Jasmine flower are being offered to God in this season. Also you can spot it on the braids of the Indian women.

Ugadi marks the beginning of new lunar calendar of the Hindus. On this sacred day priests chants mantras and also makes predictions for the year ahead. The Panchangasravanam also known as listening to the yearly prediction was earlier done at the sacred temples and the town squares. But as the technology developed its been hired on the satellite sets and now a days you can hear an see the predictions live sitting in your living rooms.

On this day people get up early in the morning before dawn and take shower after which they decorate the courtyard of their house with mango leaves. As the garland of mango leaves are tied on the door top, this signifies well being and good crop.Coconuts and Mango leaves are used only on sacred occasions to appease God.

In the rural area people, splash cow dung on the ground and also draw colorful rangoli to commemorate the beginning of this festival. This is a very common site in the villages. People also seek blessings of their respective god and then from the elder of the family before they start celebrating the New Year. They pray for Prosperity, health, success and wealth. It is also believed that it is the best time to start off with new ventures.



Happy Diwali

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