Rajiv Gandhi

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Rajiv Gandhi Biography

Rajiv Gandhi Biography

  • Name : Rajiv Gandhi
  • Born On : August 20 1944
  • Father : feroze Gandhi
  • Mother : Indira Gandhi
  • Spouse : Sonia Gandhi
  • Children : Rahul, Priyanka
  • Education : Trinity College, Cambridge, Imperial College London, University of Cambridge, TheDoon School
  • Political Ideology : Indian National Congress
  • Nationality : Indian
  • Died On : 21 May 1991 AD
  • Place Of Death : Sriperumbudur
  • Awards : 1991 – Bharat Ratna

A Nehru-Gandhi scion, Rajiv Gandhi was a standout amongst the most prevalent government officials of India, who happened to turn into the Prime Minister of the nation. Interestingly, this political stalwart wasn’t even intrigued by joining legislative issues, take off alone turning into the pioneer of country. Prepared as a business pilot, he was euphoric in his life which was amazingly private sans all open consideration, until a terrible mishap changed the course of his life and his crew. His sibling, Sanjay Gandhi passed on in a plane accident abandoning a void that could be filled by none other than Rajiv Gandhi. To fill in the void, he ventures into his sibling’s shoes reluctantly yet inside a short compass of time turned into a leader in Indian legislative issues. Today, the time under his prime ministership is viewed as a standout amongst the most dynamic times. He established the framework of data engineering upset whose prizes we are harvesting today. He spread the system of phones to the provincial and remote corners of the nation through Pcos (Public Call Offices). He likewise got a positive commotion the instructive segment by dispatching the national instructive arrangement. Notwithstanding this, he set up schools, universities and establishments and gave a fillip to advanced education.

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