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Make The Smile Association – MTSA  Group –

Contact :
Name : Varun Anantha.
Phone :+91  8500144721

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Inspiration : Where work speaks more than words ,  started by three members   from the inspiration of “Sayam Cheddam foundation” (SCF) , now MTSA is  actively functioning with students from several colleges by Rs.10 revolution and conducting an event monthly .

Believe : MTSA strongly believes that “Helping is not a business nor a hobby, but a responsibility”. MTSA aim is to provide minimum basic needs for needy . Around 31 events have been carried out in 10 months successfully.



Activities : MTSA conducted 3 medical camps that received huge response from the public making the events run on success track.We have helped 120 persons to get their pension from government and have provided try cycles to required physically challenged persons in Dhone  mandal.

MTSA also conducted many events like 10-series cricket match in zonal level for disabled students, painting competition etc which autofocussed the hidden talent that brought hilarious applause for  them  making  smiles run across their faces. In addition to these, MTSA showed its excellence in creating awareness about education in slum areas of Ccamp.


An eco-friendly event highlighting the ban on the usage of plastic bags was carried out in engineering colleges successfully by MTSA.  Some of the donations made by MTSA  includes UsB tape recorders and scribes  for visually disabled people, empty cassettes(lessons were recorded for  easily accessibility) , some basic  requirements  that included biscuits, soaps , steel plates, steel glasses and notebooks to the  students of the Government school at Kethavaram, cultural event at Abhayagiri,  water purifying system for Akshita bhavan.mtsa

Never  the visually disabled people look for the provisions or the articles that have been brought for them., they only wanted our time  so some events were planned on the grounds of entertainment  making the day a memorable one.

New Program: Our next event is Adopting a
village scheme. We are promoting a new innovative scheme of making that village into a “Adarsha Gramam” and to facilitate positive impacts among rural communities. By this scheme,  we are not going to change the village in to big city’s but strive  bring a solution to all pressing problems. We have adopted Kanapakunta which belongs to dhone mandal.

The very first event to be proceeded under this scheme is ‘ Vruksh’ a tree plantation programee.

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