What Mr Guy Looking in his partner

“I would like the girl to first understand that she is going to be committed in a relationship with a bonding for life with her partner.”

Character of a Girl
The Character of the girl is of utmost importance to me and hence she should possess a very good character.  I want a life partner who can love me, support me , be affectionate , be caring to me just like a mother and father at all stages throughout my life. I want my partner to be from a well educated, dignified, cultured, traditional and well settled family with a good background , living in and having own house and possess good moral values, character, culture and conduct.

What Girl has to Sacrifice?
The girl must be willing to sacrifice any of her wishes for the sake of her partner if in case her partner is not convinced and must adhere to and follow her partner’s statements and instructions. Most importantly the girl must have Faith and Trust in her partner that whatever her partner does for the family and her will be for the benefit and interest of the family.

Qualities of the Girl
I am looking for a girl who is Jovial, Friendly, Faithful, Trust-worthy, Humorous, Generous, Confident, Honest, Humble, Loyal, Straight-forward, Charming, Submissive, Respects Elders and their Views, family-oriented, Loving, Understanding, Caring, Calm, Not Egoistic, Not Selfish, Not Kid dish, Not Dominating, Not a Foodie, Affectionate , Responsible, Lovable, Fair and beautiful ,broad-minded, trying her best to stay simple and who does not Nag and not to forget has cooking skills to prepare tasty delicacies and serve them daily to her partner. The Girl must expect Love and Affection only from her partner and not respect from her partner from the money she earns or the educational degrees she possesses.

She must know to prepare and cook food and serve them to her partner and must ensure the household is taken care of..

My life partner should be intelligent and mature and should be able to handle all situations in life calmly and patiently. She should not be kid dish and short tempered. She should lead life in a planned and disciplined manner.

Health and Confidence of Girl
She should ensure to keep herself Fit, Healthy and look Beautiful and Pretty at any time of the day, should be happy and smiling and ensure the same happiness and smile is there with her other partner and at the same time ensure to keep a positive frame of mind, instigate Confidence in herself and her partner in times of problems and be a Responsible individual knowing the practicalities of driving life and have or gain knowledge in financial planning, asset management and social security and status and have a calm and thoughtful approach in assessing and analyzing matters of any kind in any scenario and any situation and be precise and thoughtful before coming to any firm decision.

Economical and Emotional Status of Girl
She should not have any loans of any kind payable to any financial institution towards her or her family members , relatives and friends.

She should be able to strike a balance between Personal Life and Work.
She should not have any health problems and should be mentally stable and physically fit.

Status of Girl in the Society
Girl must belong to a Decent, Cultured, Upper Middle class or middle class Rich/Affluent family. The Girl can go for work to keep herself busy , but she must ensure that her attitude remains normal and neutral and not start possessing headweight and Ego just because she is working and earning money and is being independent. The girl must be willing to leave her job and remain a wonderful home-maker, in case her partner wants to.. I am interested that the girl work in the Central govt PSU, if in case she is working in private. The Girl must be family-oriented and must give first preference to the welfare of her family members which includes her partner. If the girl is working then the Girl must be willing to voluntarily handover her salary to her partner to contribute to upliftment of the family wherein she and her partner are members of…

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