Mother Teresa

Today’s Our Kurnool
అంధత్వ నివారనకు విస్త్రుత ప్రచారం అవసరం

The Blessed Teresa of Calcutta commonly Known as Mother Teresa was a Roman Cathalic Religious Sister for most of her life in India


Name : Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhia

Popularly known as : Mother Teresa
Date of birth : 26,Aug,1910
Place of birth:  Skopje in Macedonia
Dad : Kolë
Mom : Drana
Sisters : Aga (1904), Lazar (1907)
Schooling : Went to the Lyceum

*Mother’s Order, founded in 1947, has nearly 4000 nuns running orphanages, homes of poor, AIDS hospices and other charitable centres        around the world.
*1948, she opened the first school for slum children in Calcutta
*1952, she opened Nirmal Hriday (or Pure hearts), a home for the dying.
*Shishu Bhavan — the home for babies.
*Founded Shanti Nagar colony for lepers where they could build their own houses and could work on their own fields.
*She opened homes for aids patients all over the world.
*Mother Teresa gave her support to the rehabilitation of the prisoners in India.
*Opened soup kitchen to provide a warm meal and a warm place and good food to homeless people
opened a house for alcoholics, drug addicts and homeless and destitute in Rome.


*1971 Peace prize Pope John XXIII
*1972 Koruna Dut, angel of charity, President of India
*1975 Albert Schweitzer International Price
*1979 Nobel price for Peace
*1996 Honorary citizen of America (4th person to get this nomination)

Other facts

When she was a child she was in the Choir, she was a soprano, and second voice.
She also played the mandolin
She liked to be in church, she liked to read and to pray and to sing

Reached Heaven on 5,Sep,1997

Today’s Our Kurnool
అంధత్వ నివారనకు విస్త్రుత ప్రచారం అవసరం

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