Mom and Sun

HR round
ఆవు మీద వ్యాసం రాస్తున్నా డాడీ….

After his ​father​ ​death son admits mom in old age home..
would visit her on and off.

Once son receives call from the old age home..
your mom is very serious..please come to visit..

Son comes and sees mom very critical.. dying.

Son asks mom what can I do for you.

Mom replies:
Please install fans in the old age home..
there are none here.

Son, surprised, and questions his mom, ​

“All this while when you were here,
you never complained.

Now you have only a few hours left and
you are asking for fans to be installed here, Why?”

Mom says: “it’s okay, son, I’ve managed with the heat,
but when your children will send you here,

I am afraid you will not be able to!”

HR round
ఆవు మీద వ్యాసం రాస్తున్నా డాడీ….

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