Ahobilam Temple

History And Age

Located at in Kurnool district, the Ahobhilam is one of the ancient Vaishnava destinations of worship. There is a belief that this ancient temple is the spot where the man-lion god Narasimha, blessed his devotee Prahlada and killed the demon Hiranyakashipu. This temple consists of 9 temples around the famous Nallamala Forest Range, this magnificent temple is standing example of the ancient sthapathis both in sculpting and planning.


These temples are believed to have been worshipped 9 planets that are believed to define the fates of human life. It is said that the 9 Narasimhas helped the planets get relief from demons and the curses. Legend has it that when the gods saw this unique form of Lord Vishnu, they shouted Ahobala meaning great strength. Therefore, this place has been called as Ahobalam or Ahobilam. It is said that the stone pillar from where Lord Narayana appeared to kill the demon king is visible from here and it is called as the Urga Sthambha.

The temple is divided into two parts the Lower and Upper Ahobilam. The Lower Ahobila is dedicated to Lakshmi Narasimha a peaceful form of the god, this temple is famous for its magnificent stone art and architectural forms. It is believed that Lord Srinivasa himself installed the main idol here. The temple is known for its intricately carved pillars, decorated ceilings and pillars. Legend further states that Narasimha roamed around the forests and settled in 9 destinations to bless his devotees, thus the Nava Narasimha temples.

Main Diety

The nine forms of the Narasimha include the Bhargava Narasimha, it is believed that this deity gives prosperity and all manners of blessings, second comes the Yogananda Narasimha Swamy, it is said that this lord rescues his devotees from all forms of difficulties. Third is the Chatravata Narasimha Swamy, it is said that the planet Ketu gained the lord’s blessings here, devotees seeking to study fine arts seek the blessings of lord here.  Fourth is the Ahobila Ugra Narasimha Swamy, the main lord, or main lord of the Upper Ahobilam. This Lord is believed to destroy all forms of fear and timidity, fifth is the Varaha Narasimha Swamy, it is said that the god here ensures success and removes obstacles.

The sixth temple is dedicated to the Malola Narasimha Swamy temple, worshipping in this temple brings limitless joy, happiness and bliss in this and the higher worlds. The seventh temple is that of Jwala Narasimha Swamy, the deity here is the fierce Hiranyakasipa slaying form, this deity ensures success in all efforts and helps get marriage. The eight temple is dedicated to Paavana Narasimha Swamy, believed to be the most peaceful form of the Nava Narasimha, this lord is believed to liberate devotees from their sins. Lastly is the Karanja Swamy temple, this deity brings enlightenment and bestows all desires.

How To Reach Ahobilam

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