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How to reach yaganti

The city is situated at a distance of 17kms from Banaganapalli and around 100kms from kurnool.

However, yaganti is well-connected by road rather than by rail. There are regular buses from Kurnool, Banaganapalli, Nandyal and some nearby town. There is a bus facility available from Banaganapalli to Yaganti twice per day, one at 7:00 hours and another at 15:30 hours.

The nearest railway station is at Panyam and others are at Nandyal and Kurnool. The nearest airport is hyderabad from where you can get to Yaganti via Kurnool. You can also hire private taxis or even drive in our own car.

When you are going from Hyderabad to ahobilamto need to take the bangalore road. After crossing Kurnool (210km), kalvabugga (+35km). Once you reach Kalvabugga you can have a break for refreshments and you can taste the sweet coconuts available in abundance at this place. After crossing kalvabugga on the Tirupathi hight way after around 15km you get a X roads with small stone saying the road towards Banaganepalli and Yaganti. On reaching Banaganepalli as you go down the road without taking any turns you get a huge statue of Nawab Mirfazal Alikhan Bahadur statue on the road. Take a right there and follow the road to Yaganti. If in doubt best thing ask 3-4 people.

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