What is the GST rates and HSN code for Children Toys, Table & Board Games?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhat is the GST rates and HSN code for Children Toys, Table & Board Games?
Ganapathi asked 3 years ago

My son is loved to play the board games with friends. It is really given good enjoyment and happiness for my child. I like to buy some of toys and different verity of broad games. I am choosing the best sources in online. More people are like to buying that. It is getting more interest to play and covering the studies also. My son learning the words and numbers from that game. More colors and little types of games are given good knowledge and chance for mind freshness.  Well to be designed and cards are getting numbers also. My sister’s son also wants the toys for playing.
I am collecting the good playing games and toys with online. It is getting convenient to use and explain about play. My brother is working in toy producing section. So he is given some tips and ideas for choosing the best and quality toys. Online shopping is best for me. It is getting more collections and stylish types of products also. But my sister not likes to buy the products with online. It is getting more rates so. I need to know the GST rates and HSN code for the baby toys and other types of games.
Please you can explain me here. I want more discussion with you about that. If you having time for arguments. I need you answer as here. I am waiting valuable sources and best discussion about my topic. Lot of materials and toys are possible to buy with online. But must choose the best and quality for my two sons. So please help me and support me to select. And explain me the GST rates and HSN code for kids toys and board games. I am getting some of features and ideas about finding the word games in online