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Like Guides, article Writers are freelancers who work online and set their own schedules, giving them the flexibility to work when it suits them. This includes compensation for your valuable content, tips and suggestions from the experienced people for your excitement career. You can show our website articles as your portfolio and we will give you a certificate about your articles when you need it for you better career.

After five articles only you will be paid as we can assure that you are content is more valuable to us and our visitor’s. Minimum price for each article is 75Rs  and maximum price goes to 800 Rs per article.  We have five star recognition for your article which is based on the Strength, Genuine, Uniqueness, Validity/Useful, Inspiring.

Strength (20%):

  • Strength means the power of article, whether the article is capable of capturing the interest of user’s which means strong story base.
  • Strength means whether the article has proper starting and ending.
  • Strength means whether the article has power of words.
  • Strength means whether the article has at least minimum 350 words.
  • Strength means less repetitions of same concept in an article


  • Genuine Content.


  • Uniqueness is the most important aspect in our articles, so uniqueness maters a lot for us.
  • Uniqueness means the way of article writing which means we have special guidelines for every article type, so we make sure the entire website  following same style in all aspects.
  • Uniqueness means the content which your are providing should not be copied from any other websites, books, ebooks, movies, shortfilms e.t.c. But if you are writing an article about some temple, place or any universal fact you can take a help of Internet and write it in your own style then it will acceptable once after reviewing by our core team.
  • Uniqueness makes you unique for us, so you will be treated as premium author and compensations much more than normal article writer.


  • Validity means the life of your article, If the article is useful forever, once after writing 5 articles which are useful forever  you will become premium author.


  • An article can change life of one person, offcourse one person doesn’t maters but if you write 1000 articles it maters so if you have the power in your pen/keyboard this is the best aspect in our articles to make a better society. By writing only 3 articles you will become premium author.

Note: If you are writing any article on universal facts like about places, temples, news, persons, health e.t.c.articles are going to publish as MANAKURNOOL admin only. If you are looking for better career and you have contributed at least 50 articles for us we will give certificate that shows your power of pen and we will mention your examples in the certificate. 

We have another section called writers, once if you can prove that your article has capable to be posted in this section with your name as an author it will published for free.
For this  You have to come down to our office to show your article and it will be verified in one day. 

If any one interested in applying to become an Article Writer? Check our website menu’s and see if one matches your passion and expertise. We look forward to reading your submission.
for any information or to submit your contributions mails us at