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Terahertz generation

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Now a days we are using frequency in mega hertz’s and some times in giga hertz’s depends upon the devices,as per now this will going with a sufficient usage bt now we are going to enter in to the “Terahertz generation” which
means in these days so many scientists from different countries have been working in the improvement of frequency usage,from MHZ TO GHZ and GHZ TO THZ…have gained a tremendous improvement on different kind of electronic devices in
various platforms,such as in biomedicine,transportation,safety and security,industry,radio astronomy etc;

terrahedzeResearchers at the Universidad Carlos lll of Madrid(UC3M)and the firm Luz WaveLabs are developing an innovative Terahertz generator that improves signal quality by one million times better than compared to previous one’s and best device
currently in the market;it will allow this technology to be applied in the areas of biomedicine,transportation,radio astronomy,among others.

Terahertz Waves(THz) are found on the utmost extreme of the infrared band,just before the beginning of the microwave-band.”This creation is possibly the last range of the electromagnetic spectrum that is still to be developed for its
greatest advantage “.Innovators saying that in recent years research has produces significant advances in the systems used to generate and detect this sub-millimetric radiation and it is still necessary to develop technologies with
enough quality,flexibility and ease of use to cause an explosion in the commercialization of the THz range,detailed out Angel Rubein Craido.one of the partners of Luz WaveLabs.

This company prepared to produce a by-product in UC3M’s Department of Electronic Technology With the support of the Vivero de Empresas (Business Incubator)in UC3M’S scientific park,is trying to design high performancr tools that can
introduce THz Waves to new sectors and convert this technology into an everyday usable tool with in the next few years.Their prominent product is the “pure-T-Wave,” a THz generator that carries the advantage of electronics and photonics
to obtain a “signal quality” taht is one million times greater than the one produced by the best photonic THz generator that is currently in the market.

Vital Role in Nobel Winning technology:

In the name of this research,the researchers have used an “optic seed” (Optical Frequency Comb-OFC) of very high preciseness and coherence.This source of laser spectroscopy is similar to the one developed by John L.Hall and Theodor
W.Hansch who won Nobel prize IN Physics 2005 for this development.Although spanish researchers have made an improvements that made the reduction of device’s cost. The quality of THz signal is that much high it has not possible to measure
some of the parameters with precision;they are higher than the measurements of laboratory instruments.

Forebode applications:
The projected date for the market launch of this generator is the second trimester of 2015.

Objectives of innovators:

1-To create the device as easy to use.
2-To allow any type of user to use this technology.
3-To be usable in all kind of sectors that is biomedicine,industries,software institutions,radio astronomy,transportation etc;


1-Low device cost compared to others.
2-harmless technology(non-ionizing).
3- Usage as Massive security systems in airports or stadiums.

Microsoft Skype’s Facebook, Twitter account hacked

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