Why even small companies don’t think about Kurnool ?

చేధించాడో ఫిజిక్స్‌ లెక్చరర్‌. ‘ఛాయ’ మిస్టరీ వీడినది – నల్గొండ పట్టణానికి ఆనుకుని పానగల్‌లో
వైరస్ ల ప్రభావం మళ్ళీ మనను ఆవహించే ప్రమాదం వుంది

Why even small companies  don’t think about Kurnool ?IlabsOval

  • High expense for rentals of small commercial spaces which is even expensive than Banglore and Hyderabad.
  • In kurnool Internet connection is the biggest problem, either you have to go for BSNL which is good but not trustable for important scheduled meetings or private connections where they will charge for each computer which will not come to under the budget of small organisations. What happened to Airtel Broad Band, Reliance Broadband, they will not come because of less business. Nandyal is far better than kurnool why?

Government should do something about it. Kurnool is always been ignored by every government, and it is happening again. Atleast they are providing 24/7 power and I wish it will happen along with other district. I request the government atleast build small IT hubs, public libraries,  Public Computer labs with reasonable rentals and advances. Also research center’s where everyone will be allowed freely and share their thoughts to build our kurnool in a better way.

Why companies can think about Kurnool and Kurnoolions?

Most of our kurnoolions have lot of entrepreneurship qualities they are always desperate to do something big and changing their lives in to strong economical phase. With these qualities they can do much better than others if they have been chosen to prove. I see a lot of passionate people with lot of administration skills but wasting them with their self  image representation quality which is good but it should not be exceed the limits.

In my research I found that kurnoolions are having a  great commonsense with great self confident, but they don’t want to show it until they learn completely which will be really good for the organisation in a long term base. And the best part is you find a lot of genuine people if you are good enough to find out.

We Kurnoolions, All we need is inspiration, motivation, administration, self control, passion about learning, more resources, more training.

As we can see once after Btech, MCA every one is looking into either Banglore or Hyderabad  for software job why?  this is because of economical situations taking decisions blindly which will help to improve their life style which is again good as they are growing. So what if they have companies in local, they work with more energetic and get the best results for your organisation.

What do you suggest to encourage small software companies in our kurnool. ?

చేధించాడో ఫిజిక్స్‌ లెక్చరర్‌. ‘ఛాయ’ మిస్టరీ వీడినది – నల్గొండ పట్టణానికి ఆనుకుని పానగల్‌లో
వైరస్ ల ప్రభావం మళ్ళీ మనను ఆవహించే ప్రమాదం వుంది

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