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Mahanandi Temple

Mahanandi Temple Amongst the most ancient temples in Andhra Pradesh, the Mahanandi Temple dates back to almost 1500 years. Nevertheless, there are several inscriptions..more

Ahobila Temple

Ahobila Temple Located at in Kurnool district, the Ahobhilam is one of the ancient Vaishnava destinations of worship. There is a belief that this ancient temple is the spot where the man-lion god Narasimha…more

Sangameswara Temple

Sangameswara Temple Located at the confluence of the Bhavansi and Krishna Rivers, the beautiful Sangameswara Temple is located in the foreshore of the Srisailam Reservoir….more

Sri Yagathi Uma Maheshwara Temple

Sri Yagathi Uma Maheshwara Temple Another one of the magnificent examples of the Vijayanagar Temple architecture, this magnificent temple was in fact built by the founders of the mighty Vijayanagara dynasty Harihara Bukka Rayalu in the 15th century…..more

Peravali Ranganatha Temple

Peravali Ranganatha Temple The Vijayanagara Emperors were worshippers of Lord Vishnu, their devotion, love and faith in the god is seen in the magnificent pieces of architectural wonders and temples they created for their deityl….more

Papanaseswara Aalayam – Alampur

Papanaseswara Aalayam – Alampur One of the most ancient temples of the country, the Papanaseswara Aalyam temple is located a mere 27 kilometers from the district of Kurnool……more