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Why Kurnool is suitable for Capital Of Andhra Pradesh?

Like Our Facebook Page To See Daily Updates About Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh with a geographical area of 27.5 million hectares, is the fifth largest State and the fourth most populous and nearly 73% of the population is living in rural areas. About 40% of the total cropped area of the State is cultivated with major crops like rice, […]

Banknotes issued prior to 2005 to be withdrawn: RBI Advisory

The Reserve Bank of India has today advised that after March 31, 2014, it will completely withdraw from circulation all banknotes issued prior to 2005. From April 1, 2014, the public will be required to approach banks for exchanging these notes. Banks will provide exchange facility for these notes until further communication. The Reserve Bank […]

Microsoft Skype’s Facebook, Twitter account hacked

LOS ANGELES: The Syrian Electronic Army, an amorphous hacker collective that supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, claimed credit for hacking into the social media accounts of internet calling service Skype. The group also posted the contact information of Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s retiring chief executive, on its Twitter account along with the message, “You can thank Microsoft for […]

Dual role in cricket

Jacques Kallis was  born on  16th October 1975. he is a best all-rounder  in recent times we ever heard. Kallis full name is Jacques henry kallis. Teams: south Africa,Cape cobras and Kolkata knight riders. He played 325 matches and scored 11,574 runs till now he wants to be continued in ODI’s with an avg of 45,in […]


చూడని ప్రపంచం …!!! చూపుల విరుద్ధం…!!! దారిదని తెలిస్తే…!!! దాగని సమాజం…!!! ఊహాల వైవిధ్యం…!!! తొలి ప్రాయపు ప్రయాణం…!!! అడుగుల నిశబ్దం…!!! ప్రేమపు వై చిత్రం కల్పిత కలలకు ప్రేమనే పరిచయం…!!! పరువపు ధాటికి చీకటి నైరుష్యం…!!! విలువల వింతలో అసహనమే ఆయుధం…!!! ఆగని మంటల్లో ఆవిరి అవకాశం…!!! ఈ కాలం మరి పిసినారి సో… నువ్వాగిపో…ఆగిపో…అలసిపో…బ్రతికిపో…!!!  

Dreamer dealzzzzzz

life iz a mystery;some what misery..!!! say who lost it…who lost it nice thoughtz out of frame, insane people out of box, jerkz jerkz jerkz ha ha say who lost it…who lost it when i saw a mirror,it lookz comfortable….!!! when it shown me???….i felt i came for trouble…!!! as starz stepping down..,,,my eyes flipping […]

Terahertz generation

Innovation: Now a days we are using frequency in mega hertz’s and some times in giga hertz’s depends upon the devices,as per now this will going with a sufficient usage bt now we are going to enter in to the “Terahertz generation” which means in these days so many scientists from different countries have been […]

An excellent and very usefull keyboard shortcuts

KeyBoard ShortCut Result KeyBoard ShortCut Result Alt + 6 .♠  =====>    Spade Alt + 0162 ¢  =====>    the cent sign Alt + 5 ♣  =====>    Club Alt + 8236 .∞  =====>    Infinity Alt + 3 .♥  =====>    Heart Alt + 14 .♫  =====>    Beamed eighth note Alt + 4 […]

Bus Ticket Booking

Besides rail and air access, buses to Kurnool facilitates an easy and cheaper access to the city. With major roads and National Highway 7 connecting it to rest of Andhra Pradesh and neighboring states, there are regular direct buses to Kurnool running from cities like Bangalore, Anantpur, Hindpur, Chennai and Hyderabad. Information about various private […]

Emergency Numbers

Police Control Room 08518 221001   Police Station (Mahila) 08518 223788 Police Station 1 Town 08518 240012   Govt. Hospital 08518 255422, 08518 255423 Police Station (III Town) 08518 277187   A.P.S.R.T.C. Enquiry 08518 257082 Fuse off Call Office (Power House) 08518  221918, 08518  221919   Fire Station 08518 255101, 08518 255147