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A funny proposal requirements by Mr Guy

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What Mr Guy Looking in his partner

About Mr Guy

I am a simple, fun-loving, cheerful, jovial, humorous, kind hearted, optimistic, down-to-earth and reserved person by nature who likes to enjoy life and every moment of it to the fullest with no regrets.. I am also a passionate, optimistic & dedicated towards commitment for love, affection and responsibility. I aspire to be a successful individual in both personal and professional life and most importantly lead a honest life. I am interested in travelling, music, social-service, stock-markets, financial planning, investing in wealth creation, participating in debates etc.

I am liberal minded and not orthodox , however, I prefer the girl to follow and involve herself in religious customs and traditional practices of my family. I do not believe in fanactism and I expect the same from my partner.

Mr Guy Hobbies
Petting, surfing the Internet, tweaking with computers, playing Video games, enjoying using and meddling with tech-gadgets, watching movies, playing chess, carrom, football and cricket and watching them on television as well.. I would like to learn playing musical instruments like Drums and Keyboard as well. I guess i am a singer who sings atleast better than than the best.

Mr Guy Personal Strengths
My personal strengths I can say is that I never lose hope and always encash on the fact that nothing is impossible in life and where there is a will, there is a way !! Telling this I can say I have a considerable amount of perseverance to achieve my goal !. I am not Mr.Perfect, but I strive for perfection in things, I expect the same from others as well since I like to be independent and assess and improve myself need be. I am a person who likes to invest money for the future in all possible avenues to ensure wealth is created and also provide financial stability. I love to keep building my wealth be it whether i have inherited wealth or not and i like to live a life within set budgets…I am currently working in the private sector, however I am looking out for openings in the Govt/PSU as I am interested to work in an organised sector.

Mr Guys View on Relationship
For me, Education is only a medium through which one comes to gain knowledge and the money is something that is only needed to ensure that your basic amenities like food, clothing, shelter, health needs are met and also the future needs of these aspects are taken care of.. A True Relationship only survives with Love and Affection, not money or education earned… Girl who accepts that only love, commitment, affection, honesty, loyalty and trust are important in a relationship are welcome to express interest.

Mr Guy View on Dressing and hair of Girl
I am not in consent with the girl wearing excessive skin show and bodily curves revealing dresses at workplace and at public places, to avoid the girl from being seen in the wrong sense by perverts..i am only telling this to avoid any untoward incident or embarrassment. Hence, I expect the girl to adhere to the same..

I consider women with free-flying untied hair as witches and hence i would like the Girl to ensure to keep her hair tied and not always leave her hair free-flying in the air in the pretext of style. By telling this, i am not against the girl being stylish but she must ensure to keep herself looking decent and good-looking.

Kindly excuse Mr Guy if he is not accepted Girl
The girl must be the only child to her parents and must be from a well settled family.

Family into the profession of business kindly excuse i am not interested to accept your proposal.
From the above one might feel that i have imposed some conditions on how my partner should be.. But, let me also make it clear that i am only imposing these conditions to ensure that family life is given importance with certain traditional practices, Moral values and discipline followed.

She must know to prepare and cook food and serve them to her partner and must ensure the household is taken care of..

Mr Guys Promises
Last but not the least, the girl can be assured that she will be treated like a daughter by her in-laws rather than a daughter-in-law and must take care of me like the way my mother takes care of me.

Finally Mr Guys requirements in shot
To keep my requirements simple — I am looking for a girl who is simple, good-looking, adjustable and responsible. The Girl must be smart and intelligent who would love to contribute financially for wealth creation for the family. The Girl must be very affectionate, caring and lovable towards her family and not lazy to do household work. She should be able to mingle and socialize with people easily and naturally. She should be capable to adapt to any situation and i am looking fora girl who is the only child to her parents.

I would also like to bring it to the notice of the parents of the girl that any information concealed from me about your daughter or your family is not only going to affect my life but also your girl’s/daughter’s life. So better be dignified and honest to your conscious and kindly speak out the truth.

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Brain function boosted for days after reading novel – research
What Mr Guy Looking in his partner

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